Farm Quality Assured Beef, Lamb and Outdoor Reared Pork



Welcome  Our farm shop is located in picturesque Glenshesk, one of the nine Glens of Antrim just outside Ballycastle. All of our beef, lamb and pork is born and reared in Glenshesk. Our animals are bred for their leanness and quality and we only select the finest animals for the farm shop. We endeavour where possible to use natural fertilizers and our animal's diet is enhanced with clover rich grass and home produced cereals.

Our outdoor reared pork is produced on the farm. Our pigs are not intensively farmed and the combination of a natural environment and slow growth produces a flavour and texture which commercial indoor pork cannot achieve. Our bacon, gammon and hams are traditionally dry cured. No salt or water is injected so no shrinkage occurs and there is no salty after taste.

We follow the old tradition of hanging or 'dry-aging' our prime cuts of beef for twenty eight days, all other beef cuts for fourteen days. We mature our lamb and pork for seven days. We believe this maturing process combined with our tailor made diet guarantees maximum tenderness and depth of flavour.

Why is matured meat better?

Fresh meat has high water content and during cooking the higher temperatures expand and evaporate the water molecules, shrinking the meat. When the meat contracts again after cooking it can be left drier and tougher. During the hanging process natural enzymes relax the muscles of the meat and there is a 10% - 15% moisture loss which is beneficial in the cooking and freezing processes. The more elastic muscles of well hung meat retain moisture ensuring meat that is tender, juicy and full of flavour.

Directions from Ballycastle

April 2020

Please note : The shop in Glenshesk is closed and not available for meat collections. We are doing LOCAL HOME DELIVERY ONLY. Order online or call us on 028 207 62235 to place your order and we will get back to you and arrange delivery. Thank You.

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